Journal of Astronautics ›› 2015, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (10): 1195-1202.doi: 10.3873/j.issn.1000-1328.2015.10.014

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Study of Flush Air Data Sensing System Technology for Low Cost Flight Test Platform

CHEN Guang qiang, WANG Gui dong, CHEN Bing yan, ZHOU Wei jiang, JI Chu qun, LUO Xiao yun   

  1. The Institute of Aerodynamics Theories and Application of China Academy of Aerodynamic of Aerospace, Beijing 100074, China
  • Received:2014-11-06 Revised:2015-03-02 Online:2015-10-15 Published:2015-10-25


The flush air data sensing (FADS) system technology was researched by using mature and low cost supersonic(Ma>3) rocket projectile platform flight test for the first time in domestic. According to the key technology problems of algorithm for FADS solving and measurement system and the error influence, that FADS solving algorithm was built based on neural network technology and flight test scheme was designed , and the flight test and data analysis were done.Research results showed that the FADS algorithm based on neural network technique had good reliability and precision;The measurement results were basically consistent with the radar measurements results,which verified the algorithm design. The FADS measurement results relative to the radar measurement results, average relative error of static pressure was 5.2% and the maximum relative error was 18.8%; the average relative error of Ma number was4.2% and the maximum relative error was 14.9%;FADS measurement results of attack angle and side slip angle were close to the results theoretic trajectory. The research results could provide reference for the relative study of flight test technology.

Key words: Flight test, Rocket projectile, Flush air data sensing system, Neural networks, Computational fluid dynamics

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