Brief Introduction

Introduction to the Journal of Astronautics

Journal of Astronautics, supervised by the China Association of Science and Technology and sponsored by the Chinese Society of Astronautics, is the most widely influential comprehensive Chinese academic journal of aerospace in China. We have been indexed by the Ei Compendex, the Chinese Core Journals of PKU, the Chinese Science and Technology Papers Citation Database (CSTPCD) and the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), currently a monthly journal.

Journal of Astronautics was founded in 1980 under the advocacy of Qian Xuesen, the "father of China's aerospace industry", Ren Xinmin, one of the founders of China's missile and space industry, and others who have made groundbreaking contributions to Chinas space industry. Prof. Qian wrote the inaugural article for our journal, and Prof. Ren was the first editor-in-chief of our journal. Zhuang Fenggan, Ma Xingrui and Du Shanyi were the later editors-in-chief. The current editor-in-chief is Wu Yansheng, Member of the International Academy of Astronautics and the chairman of the Chinese Society of Astronautics.

Based on China and facing the world, our journal focuses on the prospective research, theoretical basic research and engineering practice in the field of aeronautics and astronautics, and mainly publishes scientific research achievements and academic papers in the fields of vehicle design; flight mechanics; guidance, navigation and control; space propulsion and power technology; space science; space technology application; and air-space cross edge and integration. Since its inaugural issue more than 40 years ago, Journal of Astronautics has published a large number of articles based on the forefront of engineering and of great scientific value, which have provided a showcase for Chinese scientists and technologists in the field of aerospace, especially an important platform for the growth of young talents.

Achievements of our journal:

The main citation indexes of the Journal of Astronautics, such as total core citation frequency, core impact factor and total score of comprehensive evaluation, all rank in the forefront of the academic discipline, and the latest core impact factor is 1.374. It has been awarded the title of "One Hundred Outstanding Academic Journals of China" for many times, and has been continuously funded by "China Association for Science and Technology Excellent Science and Technology Journal Engineering Project". In 2019, it was selected as the first batch of "China Science and Technology Journals Excellence Action Plan", and in 2020, it entered the T1 region of the classification catalog of high-quality science and technology journals in the aerospace field.

Purpose of our journal:

Encourage equal academic discussion and debate, adhere to the integrity of scientific research and promote fine study practices, timely reflect the latest scientific and technological achievements in China's aerospace industry, promote academic exchanges at home and abroad, and serve the development of aerospace disciplines, scientific and technological self-reliance and training of innovative talents.

"To build first-class professional journals and promote the development of aerospace science and technology," Prof. Sun Jiadong wrote an inscription on the 40th anniversary of our journal, putting forward ardent expectations for our journal. On the occasion of the critical period of the construction of space power and periodical power, the Journal of Astronautics is willing to work with the majority of scientific and technological workers, "to the end of its knowledge, to practice reality", abide by the original intention, continuous inheritance, and speed up the construction of a world-class science and technology journal and the world's top aerospace journal.

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